Because we specialize in the Urgent Care industry, we can quickly provide the data resources and analytics you need to make superior Urgent Care site decisions.

based on dozens of key factors

National Coverage


Let us know of any markets of interest to you anywhere in the country (including Alaska & Hawaii) and we’ll map out the top Opportunity Zones. We validate Opportunity Zones based on dozens of key factors including Demographics, Psychographics, Urgent Care competition, Medical Alternatives, Crime Statistics, Retail Density and Placement, and ACS Insurance Ratios.

Urgent Care market research

Visualizing Areas Of Opportunity


Each year we invest over $200K in GIS software, data, and Urgent Care market research to help us find the best Urgent Care sites for our clients. Our advanced GIS software allows us to break down any Radius Ring into 4 quadrants to get a better picture of the make-up of a trade area.


We also analyze sites based upon Drive Times. Drive Times tell us about a very important factor for an Urgent Care operator – convenience. It is very important that we understand how long patients must drive to reach a clinic.


Sometimes it makes sense to analyze data variables at a U.S. Census Block Group level. Census Block Groups typically contain between 600 and 3,000 people with an optimum size of 1,500 people.

Our Approach

We find the Best Defendable Locations for your Urgent Care Clinics!

PHASE I : Research

For each site we begin by looking at the demographics and psychographics of the population, business & employee data, Urgent Care competition, other medical alternatives, ACS insurance ratios, retail draws in the area, patient capture rates, crime statistics, as well as other key factors.

PHASE II : Field Study

During the second phase we do a field study analysis. This involves physically visiting the target sites, evaluating the local competition, and rating the potential sites based on parking, signage, ease of access and overall visibility.

PHASE III : Cost Estimates

In the third phase we break down the cost to open and operate each site. Actual costs will be verified, rental rates will be compared, and we will rank the top sites for you. The strengths and weaknesses of each site will be summarized to help you make an informed decision.

PHASE IV : Transaction

During this phase the final lease is negotiated and signed. Because we have completed over 450 Urgent Care transactions, our experienced real estate consultants are skilled in negotiating the best possible lease terms on your behalf.

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